Izabella Scott

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From literary personas to art world fraudsters, these artists walk a fine line between rerouting their positions and breaking the law

BY Izabella Scott | 04 NOV 19

A new show at Richard Saltoun begs the question – how effective is self-inflicted violence?

BY Izabella Scott | 08 JUL 19

A new work by Beth Collar, commissioned by Matt’s Gallery and CGP London, pulls apart female hysteria

BY Izabella Scott | 29 APR 19

At Almanac Projects, London, the artist sheds new light on the way women are turned into objects 

BY Izabella Scott | 06 FEB 19

At Piper Keys, London, the artist and musician shows intimate depictions of domestic labour

BY Izabella Scott | 13 JUL 18

Public Exhibitions, London, UK

BY Izabella Scott | 18 MAR 17

Studio Voltaire, London, UK

BY Izabella Scott | 22 OCT 16

The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

BY Izabella Scott | 26 MAR 16