Jan Verwoert

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Jan Verwoert considers the history of Manifesta, European politics and whether an art exhibition can unlock the historical potential of a place

BY Jan Verwoert | 17 APR 18

Jan Verwoert pays homage to Robert Linsley – a brilliant thinker, passionate painter and, moreover, a generous person

BY Jan Verwoert | 22 FEB 17

Jan Verwoert on friction between the creative worker and the local boardroom

BY Jan Verwoert | 23 AUG 16

The strange persistence of class difference in art

BY Jan Verwoert | 28 APR 11

Since the mid-1990s, Henrik Olesen has taken apart clichés about gay identity and turned the pieces into visceral installations, sculptures and collages

BY Jan Verwoert | 27 APR 11

The psychologically charged paintings of 16th-century artist Lorenzo Lotto explore hermeticism and the ‘pure profane’

BY Jan Verwoert | 01 NOV 10

Jan Verwoert writes about the 1990s, ‘New Innocence’, popular TV shows and the ethics of profanity

BY Jan Verwoert | 01 MAR 10

Working through abjection and attraction, the sculptures of the late Alina Szapocznikow engender the politics of emotion

BY Jan Verwoert | 01 MAR 10

Cracking the codes of Conceptual art

BY Jan Verwoert | 22 JUN 09

Working in the field of art makes it very difficult to draw a line between a professional and private life. What’s the best way forward?

BY Jan Verwoert | 12 MAR 09

Can a piece of writing ever precisely convey what the writer wants it to?

BY Jan Verwoert | 05 MAY 08

Kunstverein, Hamburg, Germany

BY Jan Verwoert | 01 JAN 04

Theodor Adorno's centenary

BY Jan Verwoert | 11 NOV 03

Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany

BY Jan Verwoert | 11 NOV 03

Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany

BY Ronald Jones | 11 NOV 03

Jan Verwoert on Franz West 

BY Jan Verwoert | 07 JUN 03

Hamburg Kunsthalle, Germany

BY Jan Verwoert | 06 JUN 03