Jim Shaw

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From Jim Shaw’s hallucinatory visions to Leonard Rickhard’s modernist depictions of infrastructure and machinery, here’s what not to miss this March

BY frieze |

A survey of the artist's expansive career in Antwerp invites audiences into a surreal realm populated by everything from Ken dolls to enormous golden chicks

BY Ren Ebel |

The artist talks about the inspiration behind his gilded wallpaper-mounted installation at Frieze London

BY Matthew McLean |

From non-art to art and back again: on the eve of a major Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley show, an interview with the director of the MSU Broad

BY Saul Anton |

Marciano Foundation, Los Angeles, USA

BY Jonathan Griffin |

New Museum, New York, USA

BY David Reisman |

Why enthusiasm, not scholarship, motivates artists

BY Julian Hoeber |

How a sense of the local shapes art in the US

BY Jennifer Kabat |

Metro Pictures, New York, USA

BY Ara H. Merjian |

Friends and collaborators remember his life and work