Saul Anton

Saul Anton writes about contemporary art and culture for many publications. He is former senior editor at BOMB Magazine and the author of Warhol’s Dream (2007) and Lee Friedlander: The Little Screens (2015). He teaches at the Pratt Institute, New York.

At Marisa Newman Projects, the artist presents an installation exploring his first experiences of identifying the self through colour

BY Saul Anton | 11 MAY 21

From non-art to art and back again: on the eve of a major Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley show, an interview with the director of the MSU Broad

BY Saul Anton | 17 NOV 17

Transcending the sentimental falsehood that makes nostalgia problematic, on David Simon’s 1970s New York drama

BY Saul Anton | 13 OCT 17

Simon Preston Gallery, New York, USA

BY Saul Anton | 02 OCT 17

What Luc Besson’s Valerian and a number of recent artists’ 3D films are getting right about our current reality

BY Saul Anton | 21 AUG 17

In Twin Peaks: The Return, David Lynch’s bone-dry humour rises to the surface, and his lush visuals float free above narrative strictures

BY Saul Anton | 29 JUN 17

Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

BY Saul Anton | 10 DEC 15

The legacy of Guy Debord and the connections between terrorist strategies, the networked 21st century and historical avant-gardes

BY Saul Anton | 01 JAN 11

New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, USA

BY Saul Anton | 05 MAY 02

David Hockney's Secret Knowledge

BY Saul Anton | 04 MAR 02

Saul Anton Can't Put Houellebecq Down

BY Saul Anton | 04 MAR 01

McSweeny's - reading the smallprint

BY Saul Anton | 06 JUN 00