Joseph Beuys

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Six-years in the making, the comprehensive ‘Museum of Obsessions’ tracks the life and work of the prolific and enormously ambitious curator 

BY Sam Thorne | 31 AUG 18

In further news: a report shows significant class divide in the arts; and Helen Cammock wins Max Mara art prize

17 APR 18
Culture Digest

Jan Bonny and Alex Wissel’s new film project, ‘Rheingold’, sends up the ethical superiority of art making versus capitalist production

BY Noemi Smolik | 19 APR 17

Artists write about a work of art that has influenced them

08 SEP 16

The first of a new series that sees regular frieze contributors choose the best current exhibitions from their city

BY Jonathan P. Watts | 07 FEB 16
City Report

The glamour days of the 1970s and ’80s Dusseldorf art scene are long since over. More than a generation on, the city seems ready for a little renaissance

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 05 FEB 13

Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Japan

BY Andrew Maerkle | 01 APR 10

Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK

BY Stephen Beasley | 01 OCT 09

What are the reasons for television’s uneasy relationship to art?

BY Sidney Smith | 12 MAR 09

What exactly do we mean when we call an artist or writer a charlatan?

BY Brian Dillion | 01 OCT 08