Sam Thorne

Sam Thorne is director of Nottingham Contemporary, UK. 

‘It’s a sinewy and organic thing, almost threatening, in an otherwise boring district of embassies and hotels’

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Six-years in the making, the comprehensive ‘Museum of Obsessions’ tracks the life and work of the prolific and enormously ambitious curator 

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Sam Thorne discusses activism, collaboration and the uses of absurdity with Ahmet Öğüt

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56th Venice Biennale, various venues, Italy

BY Sam Thorne | 28 MAY 15

Last spring I moved from London, where I'd been living for seven years, to St Ives. A mere 5½-hour train journey from the capital (or, if you're intrepid, a night on the sleeper train), the small Cornish town is perched close to Britain's southwestern tip. It's been a home to artists and writers since at least the 1880s. As the artist Linder – the inaugural resident artist at Tate St Ives, where I work – pointed out to me soon after I arrived in March, it's a place where the ghosts of modernism are everywhere palpable. It's also a place where, thanks to the legacy of artist-potters Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada, the veil between art and craft feels especially thin.

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A Tetris stack on the bank of the Kura River

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