Noemi Smolik

Noemi Smolik is a critic based in Bonn, Germany, and Prague, Czech Republic.

At Jan Kaps, Cologne, the artist highlights the economic precarity of sex workers and the movements encouraging positive change

BY Noemi Smolik | 02 MAR 21

At Bonner Kunstverein, the artist investigates our relationship to everyday objects

BY Noemi Smolik | 07 OCT 20

At Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp, the artist takes a second look at the social and emotional aspects of images 

BY Noemi Smolik | 03 SEP 20

The artist explores the influence of myths and tales on present-day Georgia at Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn

BY Noemi Smolik | 24 SEP 18

Viewers of the artist's exhibition ‘Let It Come Down’ at Bonner Kunstverein, Germany, experience the curious inbetweenness of a limbo state

BY Noemi Smolik | 14 FEB 18

Clages, Cologne, Germany

BY Noemi Smolik | 19 OCT 17

Priska Pasquer, Cologne, Germany

BY Noemi Smolik | 14 JUN 17

Jan Bonny and Alex Wissel’s new film project, ‘Rheingold’, sends up the ethical superiority of art making versus capitalist production

BY Noemi Smolik | 19 APR 17

The audacious mixing of heritage and innovation in the Georgian capital

BY Noemi Smolik | 20 JAN 17

Wim T. Schippers on his long and diverse career

BY Noemi Smolik | 02 JAN 17

Despite its troubled history the Latvian capital is looking to the future

BY Noemi Smolik | 18 AUG 16

ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

BY Noemi Smolik | 02 JUN 16

Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany

BY Noemi Smolik | 10 MAR 16

The artist Julia Scher talks about her series of 'Surveillance Beds'

BY Noemi Smolik | 10 MAR 16

Galerie Judith Andreae Bonn

BY Noemi Smolik | 05 NOV 15

Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany

BY Noemi Smolik | 19 AUG 15

Noemi Smolik visits the home of Inge Mahn and looks back on five decades of the artist’s socially-minded sculpture – in both town and country

BY Noemi Smolik | 29 MAY 15

Galerie Buchholz

BY Noemi Smolik | 21 MAY 15

Galerie Gisela Capitain Köln

BY Noemi Smolik | 07 APR 15