Liz Magic Laser

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From Tuan Andrew Nguyen’s first institutional solo show in the US at the New Museum to Elle Perez’s semi-abstract photographs at 47 Canal

BY Zoë Hopkins |

Preview the multimedia artist's new work, exploring the shaking body as a symptom of sickness and a healing strategy, as part of Frieze Projects for Frieze New York 2023

This year's fair celebrates the creative spirit of New York City and offers moments for reflection, through a range of new artist projects and collaborations with pivotal non-profits

The third edition of the London performance festival makes the case for collective action in an age of political frustration

BY Hatty Nestor |

With commissions by Liz Magic Laser, GCC and Giorgio Andreotta Calò

Featuring GCC, Giorgio Andreotta Calò and Liz Magic Laser

Newsrooms, agitprop theatre and the‘living newspaper'

BY Agnieszka Gratza |

Derek Eller Gallery, New York, USA

BY Katie Kitamura |