Matt's Gallery

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In spite of being one of London’s oldest artist-run spaces, its spirit remains young

BY Tabitha Steinberg | 20 SEP 19

A new work by Beth Collar, commissioned by Matt’s Gallery and CGP London, pulls apart female hysteria

BY Izabella Scott | 29 APR 19

Matt’s Gallery and the Blackrock residency programme

BY Linda Taylor | 30 SEP 16

Matt's Gallery, London, UK

BY Linda Taylor | 17 FEB 15

Puncturing fantasies: exhausted images and the ‘me’ generation

BY Nathaniel Budzinski | 29 APR 14

Human cameras, fortune tellers, unreliable memories – in Lindsay Seers’ work, the truth is not what it seems

BY Tom Morton | 17 JUN 09

Matt's Gallery, London, UK

BY Chris Fite-Wassilak | 01 APR 09

Matt's Gallery, London, UK

BY Peter Suchin | 04 APR 02