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How artists and photographers in Japan have responded to the disasters of 3 March 2011

BY Christy Lange | 22 SEP 14

Re-evaluating modernist housing at Tensta Konsthall

BY Mark Fisher | 01 MAY 14

The visibility and invisibility of art in Cairo

BY Clare Davies | 20 MAR 14

The legacy of one of Brazil's greatest architects

BY Silas Martí | 11 DEC 13

Institutions in Catalonia

BY Max Andrews | 19 OCT 13

Gentrification and independent publishing in San Francisco

BY Jarett Kobek | 18 OCT 13

The shifting landscape of contemporary art in Beijing

BY David Spalding | 25 APR 13

A sprawling city of more than 15 million inhabitants split between two continents, Istanbul is home to a relatively compact constellation of privately funded foundations, artist-run spaces and commercial galleries. H.G. Masters and Nazli Gurlek survey this art scene’s recent past, and consider what the future might hold in the wake of the Gezi Park protests, a contentious edition of the biennial and little state support

BY H.G. Masters AND Nazli Gurlek | 11 JAN 13