Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher was a lecturer at Goldsmiths College, London and the author of Capitalist Realism: Is There an Alternative? (Zero Books).

The application of theory to the modern world

BY Mark Fisher | 16 JAN 17

Better understood as a popular modernist collective, Test Dept made records pulsing with panic and were one of the last examples of post-punk

BY Mark Fisher | 25 SEP 15

Hollywood’s recent taste for revolt

BY Mark Fisher | 17 DEC 14

Re-evaluating modernist housing at Tensta Konsthall

BY Mark Fisher | 01 MAY 14

Salvador Allende's attempt to create a 'socialist internet, decades ahead of its time'

BY Mark Fisher | 12 MAR 14

From the economic crisis to fanaticism, three new publications explore the meaning of capital

BY Mark Fisher | 01 SEP 10

Puppets, dolls and horror stories; Toy Story 3 and Thomas Ligotti’s new book

BY Mark Fisher | 01 SEP 10

Four new dystopian sci-fi novels set in the UK

BY Mark Fisher | 01 JUN 10

Eds. Maria Hlavajova, Sven Lütticken and Jill Winder (BAK, Utrecht, and post editions, Rotterdam, 2009)

BY Mark Fisher | 01 APR 10

Philosophy in 2009: The Invisible Committee; speculative realism; an all-star conference on communism; new books from Alain Badiou and Slavoj Žižek

BY Mark Fisher | 01 JAN 10

David Sylvian (Samadhisound, 2009)

BY Mark Fisher | 01 NOV 09

‘The Year of the Flood’ captures very well the way in which climate catastrophe is both inevitable and impossible for us think about

BY Mark Fisher | 23 OCT 09

Bernard Szajner (LTM Recordings, 2009)

BY Mark Fisher | 01 OCT 09

Steven Shaviro (MIT Press, Cambridge, 2009) / Graham Harman (Re.Press, Melbourne, 2009)

BY Mark Fisher | 17 SEP 09

A report from the recent ‘Speculative Realism and Speculative Materialism’ conference at the UWE, Bristol

BY Mark Fisher | 12 MAY 09

Alain Badiou (Verso, London, 2009)

BY Mark Fisher | 04 APR 09

Various artists (Tempa, 2009)

BY Mark Fisher | 04 APR 09

Badiou, Rancière and Žižek lead an all-star cast of speakers at the ‘On the Idea of Communism’ conference at Birkbeck, London

BY Mark Fisher | 18 MAR 09