Public Monuments

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The artist’s monument Antelope (2022) – a tribute to Pan-Africanist and anticolonial rebel John Chilembwe – simultaneously reinstates the genre while tweaking its meaning

BY Ian Bourland |

The ‘She Built NYC’ commission aims to build public monuments that properly recognize women’s contributions to the city

French Ministry of Culture says that it won't locate the controversial memorial to the city’s terror victims opposite the Palais de Tokyo

Yorkshire residents complain that the concrete sculpture of a ‘Nissen hut’ will attract excrement, vandalism and litter

Public debate around Confederate insignia has little to do with historical fact, and everything to do with collective memory

BY Julian Chambliss |

Yayoi Kusama to open her own museum; Confederate monuments removed in Baltimore; David Roberts Art Foundation to leave London

From the fall of Cecil Rhodes to the return of Pee-wee Herman: what we’ve been reading this week

BY Paul Clinton |

The life and death of public monuments

BY Sean O'Toole |

What Rob Pruitt’s The Andy Monument says about a changing New York 

BY Dan Fox |