Saul Anton

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At Marisa Newman Projects, the artist presents an installation exploring his first experiences of identifying the self through colour

BY Saul Anton | 11 MAY 21

From non-art to art and back again: on the eve of a major Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley show, an interview with the director of the MSU Broad

BY Saul Anton | 17 NOV 17

Simon Preston Gallery, New York, USA

BY Saul Anton | 02 OCT 17

What Luc Besson’s Valerian and a number of recent artists’ 3D films are getting right about our current reality

BY Saul Anton | 21 AUG 17

The legacy of Guy Debord and the connections between terrorist strategies, the networked 21st century and historical avant-gardes

BY Saul Anton | 01 JAN 11

New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, USA

BY Saul Anton | 05 MAY 02

David Hockney's Secret Knowledge

BY Saul Anton | 04 MAR 02

Saul Anton Can't Put Houellebecq Down

BY Saul Anton | 04 MAR 01