Sculpture Park

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Featured in Frieze Sculpture, and solo shows in London and Cliveden, the French artist talks about his career, Renoir, and sculpture in context

BY Matthew McLean AND Bernar Venet | 19 JUL 17

View highlights from London's largest free showcase of outdoor work, open until 8 October

12 JUL 17

A free outdoor display in London's Regent's Park, 5 July to 8 October

05 JUL 17

Highlights from the free outdoor display, on view in London's Regent's Park until 8 October 2017

04 JUL 17

Open in The Regent’s Park from 5 October 2016 – 8 January 2017, with free entry to all

16 SEP 16

Renowned curators and new galleries join the fifth edition

27 JUN 16

Revealing the galleries, curators and a pioneering new section coming to the fair this year

27 JUN 16

Presenting some of today’s most significant contemporary artists 

21 SEP 15