Shahryar Nashat

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An untitled exhibition at The Renaissance Society, Chicago, explores the friction between the artworld’s emphasis on in-person experience and its dependence on mediation 

BY Lisa Yin Zhang |

The artists’ joint presentation at MoMA considers the ways human biology both coexists with – and is subsumed by – modern technology

BY Emma McCormick-Goodhart |

An exhibition at Swiss Institute, New York, reflects on the vulnerability of our bodies and our desire for intimacy

BY Orit Gat |

Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA

BY Jonathan Griffin |

In Shahryar Nashat’s films and sculptures, dodecahedrons, dance and desire come together in delirious studies of impossible ideals

BY Jörg Heiser |

Artists are finding different solutions to the persistent problem of the pedestal

BY Manuela Ammer |

Galleria SALES, Rome, Italy

BY Emily Verla Bovino |