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In her solo exhibition at MARCH, New York, the artist depicts communal life in scenes of both peace and violence as a site for political revolution

BY Madeleine Seidel |

At HOTA Gallery, 19 artists mine local histories and draw out contradictions in the area’s development

BY Andy Butler |

A new exhibition on the Italian design group at MK Gallery solemnly reminds us that the 1980s design movement was a commercial and ideological failure 

BY Alice Bucknell |

The sandwich industrial complex, dating Knight Landesman, Bjork's 'Tinder record' and royal bodies: what to read this weekend

From a short history of plagiarism to Trisha Brown's walk: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |

Donna Haraway takes on the Anthropocene

BY Robin van den Akker |

Islands, isolation and the difficulties of reflecting reality 

BY Amy Sherlock |

California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco, USA

BY Berin Golonu |