Alice Bucknell

Alice Bucknell is an artist and writer based in London, UK. Her work has been shown at KÖNIG GALERIE at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, the B3 Biennial, and Annka Kultys Gallery in London, and will be presented at RIXC in Riga in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut’s AI Residency in September 2021. She is currently a staff writer at Elephant and Harvard Design Magazine, and has contributed to publications including Architectural Review, Flash Art and Kaleidoscope.

In Sadie Coles’s sprawling Kingly Street gallery, Helen Marten lays out an exquisite corpse of ordinary affects. It’s impossible to see in totality so we rely on the clues

BY Alice Bucknell | 30 SEP 21

At Leeds Art Gallery, the artist's multimedia installation follows the shamanic goddess Princess Bari and a host of avatars on a hero’s journey through climate collapse and renewal

BY Alice Bucknell | 12 AUG 21

At Baltic Centre, Gateshead, the Lithuanian artist duo open their first UK institutional solo with a quasi-operating room featuring a giant mechanical doctor

BY Alice Bucknell | 17 MAY 21

A new exhibition on the Italian design group at MK Gallery solemnly reminds us that the 1980s design movement was a commercial and ideological failure 

BY Alice Bucknell | 04 JAN 21

Exhibitions of Do Ho Suh, Heidi Bucher and Doris Salcedo in London affirm the affective qualities of architecture

BY Alice Bucknell | 10 OCT 18

In addressing the Anthropocene, how artists are moving beyond cinematic disaster porn to visualize our current state of emergency

BY Alice Bucknell | 31 OCT 17