in Interviews , Videos | 20 JAN 23

Meet Me at Reception: James Nares and Thurston Moore

The artist and Sonic Youth musician chat about their longstanding friendship, favourite word in the English language and dream dinner party in the second instalment of the video series from Frieze No.9 Cork Street

in Interviews , Videos | 20 JAN 23
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Selvi May Akyildiz welcomes the artist James Nares and musician Thurston Moore to No.9 Cork Street.

Nares and Moore talk about their first meeting in 'grubby' 1970s New York, the art they couldn’t live without, and their dream dinner guest. 

This is the second video in a new series of films from Frieze’s gallery, No.9 Cork Street, where we welcome cultural personalities to have a chat at reception.  

Further Information

James Nares (she/her, b. London, UK, 1953) has lived and worked in New York since 1974. Across Nares’s five-decade career, the artist’s cross-disciplinary practice has investigated, challenged and expanded the boundaries between gesture, motion, and time. Often exploring tools as an extension of the body, her work— encompassing film, music, painting, photography, and performance—examines the ways we connect to our built environment through movement, memory, and experience. A key figure of the Downtown scene in New York City in the 1970s, Nares continues to innovate and invent how both the body and machines (cameras, pendulums, and industrial equipment, among others) create images. In the artist’s words, “Things in motion; motion in things. The body has fluid; the fluid has body.”  

Thurston Moore (b. Florida, US, 1958) started Sonic Youth in 1980. Since then, Moore has been at the forefront of the alternative rock scene since that particular sobriquet was first used to signify any music that challenged and defied the mainstream standard.

No.9 Cork Street is Frieze's first permanent exhibition space for international galleries in the historic heart of Mayfair, London.