in Interviews , Videos | 08 DEC 22

Meet Me at Reception: Matt Copson and Andrew Durbin

The artist and director chats about his loves, hates and dreams in the first of a new video series from Frieze No.9 Cork Street

in Interviews , Videos | 08 DEC 22
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Andrew Durbin speaks to the artist and director Matt Copson about his loves, hates and dreams. Copson  – who recently directed an opera adaptation of Last Days by Gus Van Sant – imagines a themed restaurant serving life and death, passes judgment on overrated actors and directors, and celebrates maximalism, McDonalds and the iconic Coronation Chicken sandwich.  

This is the first in a new series of videos from Frieze’s gallery, No.9 Cork Street, where we welcome cultural personalities to have a chat at reception. Coming soon, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and the artist James Nares speak to Selvi May Akyildiz, director of No.9 Cork Street. 

Read an interview between Durbin and Copson for Frieze Week magazine here   

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Further Information

Matt Copson is an artist and director. Recent exhibitions and projects include Last Days at the Royal Opera House (London, 2022) and Matt Copson: On Site (Swiss Institute, New York, 2019). He has worked extensively with musician Caroline Polachek, co-directing all her solo music videos. 

No.9 Cork Street is Frieze's first permanent exhibition space for international galleries in the historic heart of Mayfair, London.