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We go behind the scenes with Gina Fischli and Willa Nasatir as they prepare to show new work at Frieze New York

We spoke with the artists representing Japan and South Korea about their Venice exhibitions and the obsolescence of national divisions

The curator discusses the themes of the Venice exhibition and explains why ‘hardcore African feminism’ is vital for societal progress

BY Azu Nwagbogu AND Angel Lambo |

In this behind-the-scenes look at artists bringing new work to Frieze fairs, Olivia van Kuiken talks world-building and warping the backdrops of the past

BY Livia Russell AND Olivia van Kuiken |

The Biennale’s first Latin American curator discusses his ‘mission’ to prioritize the social history of the Global South 

BY Adriano Pedrosa AND Marko Gluhaich |

This series goes behind the scenes with artists who are bringing new work to Frieze fairs. US artist Rose Salane explains how a shower of confetti inspired her most recent photographs

BY Livia Russell AND Rose Salane |

The innovative founder and curator of Mimosa House, London, discusses ‘transfeminisms’, an ambitious new show 

BY Juliet Jacques |

Ahead of this year’s Biennale, the artist speaks about his obsession with plants and aquariums, and how he hopes to encourage audiences to actively see and experience his work

BY Wong Binghao AND Trevor Yeung |

In a new series, we go behind the scenes with artists who are bringing their latest work to Frieze fairs. Holly Hendry introduces her new sculptures, incorporating glass blowing and unsettling anatomies

BY Livia Russell AND Holly Hendry |

In a new series, we go behind the scenes with artists who are bringing their latest works to Frieze fairs. Addis Ababa-based Elias Sime talks about his current work amid mounds of computer junk

BY Livia Russell AND Elias Sime |

The director of the Manila gallery’s New York outpost gives a tour of its Chelsea neighborhood, favorite galleries in the city and the “churning desire to learn” of its residents

The artist discusses how his sculptural practice is grounded in the invisible with long-time friend and collaborator LeRonn P. Brooks

BY Nari Ward AND LeRonn P. Brooks |

After her debut exhibition in Paris, the musician discusses her emerging legacy as a visual artist

BY Jad Salfiti |

A new film sees the director pursing the Huawei controversy and the potential ‘threat’ of 5G technology

BY Jonathan Griffin AND Meredith Lackey |

In the first of a new series, the founder of the Tribeca gallery offers local tips, what she’s seen recently and what’s happening ahead of Frieze New York 2024

In her latest book Playboy, the author addresses the unfair power dynamics that come with narrativising your life

BY Ren Ebel AND Constance Debré |

Launched with Endeavor Impact, and presented in partnership with the Center for Art & Advocacy, the 2024 prize has three finalists—Jared Owens, Beverly Price and Gary Tyler. They discuss their work and the importance of recognition for artists marginalized by incarceration

For the release of her debut monograph and latest exhibition, the photographer shares stories of family, displacement and reimagines Hmong culture

BY Harley Wong |

In the latest in the series seeing the city through the eyes of its gallerists, the co-founder of the Westside art space picks his LA highlights

BY Chris Waywell |