in Frieze New York | 01 MAY 24

20th-Century Masters at Frieze New York 2024

Among thousands of pieces of groundbreaking contemporary art at Frieze New York, there are works by pioneers of the 20th century, including Robert Rauschenberg, Ed Clark and Gertrude Abercrombie

in Frieze New York | 01 MAY 24

Seung-taek Lee, Tied Knife, 1962–1970

Knife, rope, 6 x 82 x 48 cm. Presented by Gallery Hyundai. $50k–$100k

Tied Knife, 1962-1970 Knife, rope 2.36" x 32.28" x 18.9" (6 cm x 82 cm x 48 cm) $50-100k
Seung-taek Lee, Tied Knife, 1962-1970. Knife, rope, 6 x 82 x 48 cm. Courtesy Gallery Hyundai

An icon of Korean 20th-century art, Seung-taek Lee’s “non-sculpture” consists of two bodies of work that still remain key to Lee’s practice to this day: the “bound” and “non-material” series. The “bound” series uses rope in order to create a visual paradox, contesting the nature, pupose and material meaning of familiar everyday objects, such as this gardening knife incomprehensibly constricted by a narrow red thread.

Gertrude Abercrombie, Seated Man, 1940

Oil on canvas. 54.61 x 65.41 cm. Presented by Karma. $100k–$250k

GERTRUDE ABERCROMBIE Seated Man, 1940 Oil on canvas 21.5" x 25.75" (54.61 cm x 65.41 cm)
Gertrude Abercrombie, Seated Man, 1940. Oil on canvas, 54.61 x 65.41 cm 

Gertrude Abercrombie was a critical, under-considered fixture of mid-century American surrealism. A champion of the Chicago jazz scene, Abercrombie was known as “queen of the bohemian artists” and “the other Gertrude” (as opposed to Gertrude Stein). Her dreamscapes, still lifes and self-portraits feature a visual lexicon of the everyday: shells, eggs, black cats, doors, bowls of fruit, Victorian furniture, and moonlit landscapes, as seen in Seated Man (1940).

“Gertrude Abercrombie: The Whole World Is a Mystery,” will be on view at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, January 18–June 1, 2025.

Ed Clark Ying and Yang, 1989

Acrylic on canvas, 132.7 x 168 cm. Presented by White Cube. Price on application

ED CLARK Ying and Yang, 1989
Ed Clark, Ying and Yang, 1989. Acrylic on canvas, 132.7 x 168 cm. Courtesy White Cube

Born in New Orleans in 1926 and raised in Chicago, Ed Clark emerged in the 1950s as a pioneer of the New York School. Over the course of seven decades, his experimentations with pure color, abstract form, and the physical materiality of paint (dramtically demonstrated in Ying and Yang, 1989) have produced work of remarkable originality, profoundly extending the language of American abstraction. 

Leo Valledor, Straight & Still, 1982

Acrylic on shaped canvas, 274.32 x 121.92 cm. Presented by Silverlens. Price on application

LEO VALLEDOR Straight & Still, 1982. Acrylic on shaped canvas, 274.32 cm x 121.92 cm
Leo Valledor, Straight & Still, 1982. Acrylic on shaped canvas, 274.32 x 121.92 cm. Courtesy of Silverlens

Valledor’s work displays some principles of color-field minimalism but develops it through a distinctive use of shape and space. His works evoke the livery of planes and trains, the impact of billboards and neon signage. In particlaur, his shaped canvases (such as Straight & Still, 1982) challenge the flat surface of the paint to create a sense of volume within the pictorial space.

Robert Rauschenberg, Copperhead-Bite XII / ROCI CHILE, 1985

Silkscreen ink and tarnish on copper, 245.8 × 124 × 4 cm. Presented by Thaddaeus Ropac

Robert Rauschenberg, Copperhead-Bite XII, 1984. Silkscreen ink and tarnish on copper, 245.8 × 124 × 4 cm
Robert Rauschenberg, Copperhead-Bite XII, 1985. Silkscreen ink and tarnish on copper, 245.8 × 124 × 4 cm. Courtesy Thaddaeus Ropac

Robert Rauschenberg’s “Copperhead-Bites” series reflect the conditions faced by the people he encountered in Augusto Pinochet’s Chile during a research trip he took there in 1984, many of whom worked in copper mines. An exhibition dedicated to Rauschenberg’s ROCI project will be on view at Thaddaeus Ropac London until June 15, 2024, offering an unprecedented insight into one of the most ambitious and wide-ranging artistic interchanges of the late-20th century. 

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Main image: Ed Clark, Ying and Yang, 1989. Acrylic on canvas, 132.7 x 168 cm. Courtesy White Cube