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Cory Arcangel

What do you like the
look of?

Powder-coated anything. 

in Interviews | 01 MAR 11

Billy Joel (1977)

What images keep you company in the space where you work?

My studio is pretty bare, so the default OSX desktop image on a few computers is actually the most prominent image.
What was the first piece of art that really mattered to you?
Todd Haynes’ Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (1988).
If you could live with only one piece of art what would it be?
Zakk Wylde. 1 (F.S.) (2004) by John Armleder
What is your favourite title of an art work?
It’s a toss up between Watching The Paint Dry, Red or Watching The Paint Dry, Blue (both 2005) by Burt Barr. It’s important to note that these art works are videos of red and blue paint drying. Classic!
What do you wish you knew?
What pop music will sound like ten years from now.
What should change?
International cell phone data plans.
What could you imagine doing if you didn’t do what you do?
Being a conservator.
What should stay the same?
Oakley M Frame sunglasses.
What music are you listening to?
Billy Joel, The Stranger (1977); Britney Spears, ‘Hold It Against Me’ (2011); Gatekeeper, Giza (2010); Def Leppard, Hysteria (1987).
What are you reading?
Tough Guy, My Life on the Edge (2010), Bob Probert’s autobiography. He was a Canadian professional ice hockey player best known for being an ‘enforcer’, a.k.a fighter. My earliest memories of making videos was taping hockey fights from the TV when I was growing up in Buffalo, New York, so it was great to hear the behind-the-scenes of some of the fights I documented.

Cory Arcangel is a computer programmer, composer and artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Current solo shows include ‘Here Comes Everybody’ at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin and ‘Beat the Champ’ at The Curve, Barbican Art Gallery in London. Upcoming exhibitions include ‘Pro Tools’ at the Whitney Museum of America Art, New York, in May. His recent work, source code, ephemera, mp3s, etc, etc, can be found at