Set Seen: Ryan Flores, Rising from the Garden, 2024

in Frieze Los Angeles , Frieze Projects | 22 FEB 24

For Frieze Los Angeles 2024, Art Production Fund will be presenting the on-site public program ‘Set Seen’, featuring works that speak to constructed environments and how they relate to our perception of reality and understanding of space. These projects are in dialogue with the rich history of set design in Los Angeles and specifically the role that set designers played in camouflaging the former Douglas Aircraft Company factory at Santa Monica Airport. This program is free to the public, and select projects will remain on view through April 7, 2024.

Ryan Flores, Rising from the Garden, 2024, Maestro Dobel Commission

Ceramic sculpture 

Presented in partnership with Maestro Dobel Tequila

Ryan Flores
Still Life: Pitahayas and Pineapples, 2022, Ceramic, H 24in, W 6 3/4 in, L 17 1/4in. Photo: Adam Moskowitz Courtesy of Ryan Flores 


Inspired by Antoni Gaudí's The Sagrada Familia, Flores has crafted four spire-like sculptures adorned with mosaic tiles and vibrant glazes. The works further the artist’s exploration of historical themes associated with still life or vanitas paintings. The perspective, history, and culture of the artist are woven into the forms, offering a unique narrative. Flores continues his practice of extracting elements traditionally found in still life paintings such as fruits, flowers, and vegetables. In these works he hopes to embrace not only the art historical references, but to add elements that are related to his personal history and heritage, such as corn, strawberries, grapes and calla lilies, which are found in the regions of the Southwestern United States and Mexico.

The four spire sculptures are strategically placed among the natural elements within picnic alcoves of the park. Flores will also be creating a limited number of ceramic Dobel tequila cups specifically for the occasion of Frieze which will be distributed to the public throughout the fair. 


Born in the greater Los Angeles area in 1986, based in Los Angeles. Flores’ ceramics lie in the spectrum of seduction and repulsion,  engaging with art history through forms of presentation, such as bodégon and vanitas paintings and still life imagery, specifically the fruit motif. This imagery carries multiple meanings that allow, among other things, grotesque histories to be presented through beauty. Each arrangement and composition Flores creates is an open ended invitation to the viewer to draw upon both the art historical and contemporary associations contained within.