Frieze Los Angeles 2024

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Wrongly convicted of murder, the Los Angeleno was sentenced to death and spent 42 years incarcerated. His work often uses fabric quilting techniques he learned in prison

The Hammer Museum curator selects groundbreaking ceramics by Sharif Farrag and Rose B Simpson, and a painting by Roberto Gil De Montes he describes as “a delightful journey”

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The iconic Los Angeles radio station has released its soundtrack to this year's fair

In Collaboration with KCRW

The artist reflects on art as medicine in our accelerated world, discussing her new body of rose-quartz sculptures and their “invisible ingredients” at Frieze Los Angeles 2024

Los Angeles's history of set design informs Art Production Fund’s “Set Seen,” with projects by Sharif Farrag, Ryan Flores, Derek Fordjour, Pippa Garner, Matt Johnson and Cynthia Talmadge

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Artists like Anna Sew Hoy and Karla Ekaterine Canseco are picking up the mantle of the pioneering Venezuela-born, Venice-based ceramic artist

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The birthplace of “California Cuisine” has also drawn countless artists to its tables, and their art to its walls, from Judy Chicago to Mary Weatherford


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Experience the opening of Frieze Los Angeles at Santa Monica Airport, bringing together galleries, artists and non-profits to celebrate the city's diverse art scene

Frieze Los Angeles has opened at Santa Monica Airport and runs until Sunday March 3. Dive into highlights of the fair so far

The Executive Chairman and Co-founder of cultural ecosystem Gold House selects a "Sisyphean" sculpture by Mire Lee, a bold striped ceramic panel by Park Seo-Bo and a piece by Gimhongsok evoking childhood

From Trulee Hall's lustful science fiction at François Ghebaly to William Brickel's uncanny domestic figures at Michael Kohn Gallery

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In partnership with Frieze Los Angeles, the California African American Museum Acquisition fund selects a ceramic sculpture by Mustafa Ali Clayton for the museum's collection

The artist spent 42 years in prison before his release in 2016, making the acquisition of his work In Memoriam of an Ashanti Warrior (2024) especially poignant

The Executive Director of LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) selects a sculpture by Kelly Akashi for its tension and tenderness, James Perkins’ porous land art and a watercolor by Cameron to get lost in

The actor revels in the textural nuance of vanessa german’s rose-quartz sculpture, admires a photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe for its vulnerability and is reminded of his mother by Awol Erizku

The curator and founder of Del Vaz Projects chooses a remarkable Lee Bontecou, a mystical piece by Eugenia P. Butler and a work he says is “yearning and desirous to be encountered”

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Under the curation of Essence Harden for the first time, 2024’s section for young galleries is rooted in community, place and ideas of ecology


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The home of Frieze Los Angeles was once covered by an entire fake suburb created by Hollywood set designers: a deception that inspires this year’s Frieze Projects program, curated by Art Production Fund

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Ten members of the renowned professional body choose works from the Frieze Viewing Room, including a sensational late 1960s Alma Thomas and an outstanding woven piece by Jeremy Frey

As the renowned painter and printmaker’s work with Gemini G.E.L. features in a new exhibition at the Getty Center, his legacy for the Westside artistic community remains vital

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