in Frieze | 05 SEP 17

Live 2017

The fair's section for performance and participation

in Frieze | 05 SEP 17

The fair’s section for performance and participation is also advised by Ruba Katrib (SculptureCenter, New York) and Fabian Schoeneich (Portikus, Frankfurt) and will feature four ambitious artworks by international artists,
including three new commissions:

Agatha Gothe-Snape (The Commercial, Sydney) 
Performance at 3.30 pm each day

Agatha Gothe-Snape

Agatha Gothe-Snape will present Every Artist Remembered (2017), a series of informal and unrehearsed conversations between Gothe-Snape and invited artists in front of a live audience.

Neha Choksi (Project88, Mumbai) 
Performance at 1:30 pm each day

Neha Choksi performs Frame our ears open (2017), following in the footsteps of previous works Minds to Lose/Petting Zoo – for which she anaesthetized herself and four farm animals – and A Rehearsal for a moment of silence for which she stayed in mute isolation for a week. 

Mark Fell (Southfirst, New York)
Performance at 12:30 pm each day

The Sheffield-based artist grounded in the sub-cultures of electronic music, will bring together computer technology and Tala – the classical music of South India – to create patterns of
movement with three dancers.

Candida Powell-Williams (Bosse & Baum, London)
performance at 2.30pm each day

Candida Powell-Williams debuts Boredom and its Acid Touch (2017), a performance using characters from the marginalia of illuminated manuscripts; and culminating in a series of GIFs, exploring what contemporary marginalia might be.