in Frieze | 04 OCT 18

Laure Prouvost: Live 2018

An opera singer performs fragments of conversations overheard at the fair

in Frieze | 04 OCT 18
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it’s a tragedy, presented with Lisson Gallery and featuring Marie Vasconi.

An opera singer performs fragments of conversations overheard at the fair, from everyday remarks to discussions on art. Exposing and fictionalizing intimate conversation, the Turner Prize-winning artist Laure Prouvost ironically comments on an age where personal data and operations of the art world are under increasing scrutiny.

Prouvost combines existing and imagined memories with artistic and literary references, to create artworks that twist fiction and reality.

About Live at Frieze London 2018

Live is a platform for interactive installations and performances, presented by galleries.

Curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt (Samdani Art Foundation/Dhaka Art Summit), this year’s programme is entitled “Control ~” (“Control Tilde”) – a command on a computer keyboard that unlocks all formulas in a spreadsheet and thus makes them visible. Visitors will encounter works by international artists, drawing attention to unexpected connections and hidden formulas which impact wider social, political and economic realities.

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