Frieze London 2018

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The unique artist editions collective returns to Frieze London selling work from as little as £30

10 OCT 18

Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2018 saw record attendance and strong sales across the fairs

08 OCT 18

Not sure where to start at Frieze London and Frieze Masters? Here’s our guide to some of the many highlights 

07 OCT 18

Interactive telephone sculptures exploring abuses of power in relation to the role of technology

07 OCT 18

All the shows, talks and performances continuing at Frieze London and Frieze Masters

06 OCT 18

Pioneering feminist artists Sonia Boyce, Mary Kelly and Berni Searle talk about their work, featuring in the Social Work section at Frieze London

05 OCT 18

Plan your visit to Frieze London and Frieze Masters with our guide to what’s taking place

05 OCT 18

Glynn’s interactive performance explores volatility and risk

04 OCT 18

An opera singer performs fragments of conversations overheard at the fair

04 OCT 18

The artist talks about the inspiration behind his gilded wallpaper-mounted installation at Frieze London

BY Matthew McLean | 04 OCT 18

An evening of special events and gallery openings across London’s West End on Thursday 4 October

04 OCT 18

Caroline Douglas and Zadie Xa talk about the artworks purchased through the Contemporary Art Society’s Acquisitions Fund at Frieze

04 OCT 18

Suffrage propaganda inspired Tracey Emin to set up a secret postcard sale in aid of vulnerable women

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Frieze London and Frieze Masters open to the public for Preview Day: here’s your guide to some of the highlights 

04 OCT 18

blank has been awarded for its group stand featuring Bronwyn Katz, Donna Kukama and Cinga Samson

03 OCT 18

Ahead of bringing the Michelin-starred restaurant to Frieze London – the River Cafe co-founder discusses why artists make good cooks

02 OCT 18

Curator Diana Campbell Betancourt introduces the Live artist projects coming to Frieze London 2018

21 SEP 18

Born in Kandy, Minnette de Silva was the first Asian female architect to be registered with RIBA

BY Amy Sherlock | 11 SEP 18

‘Her oeuvre was a radical departure and fiery negation of the masculine art-making that was prominent in the 1970s’

BY Wangechi Mutu | 11 SEP 18