Laure Prouvost

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‘You are deeper than what you think’ is the French artist’s first UK public art commission

BY Kadish Morris |

The artist takes us on a tour of her pavilion

From demanding choreographies to ‘the sea of our subconscious’, further highlights from the National Pavilions in the Giardini

BY Amy Sherlock |

With ‘Goethe in the Skyways’, a year of exhibitions in an unusual slice of urban architecture in the US Midwest

BY Kimberly Bradley |

An opera singer performs fragments of conversations overheard at the fair

From roaming security guards and gossiping opera singers to self-help phone lines and data-driven dance

In further news: white supremacist vandals attack Rothko Chapel; Israeli minister bans art produced in solidarity with Palestinian victims

Experts share their highlights of the art avaiable via Allied Editions at Frieze London 2017, starting at £85

Kunstmuseum Luzern, Switzerland

BY Moritz Scheper |

A new one-night-only contemporary arts festival in London

BY Matthew McLean |

A round-up of the best current shows in the city

BY Summer Guthery |

Recent video works by Annika Larsson, Laure Prouvost and Steve Reinke address the visceral power of the digital image

BY Elvia Wilk |

Tanya Bonakdar, New York, USA

BY Becca Rothfeld |

Laure Prouvost talks about translation, tea, fictitious grandparents, erotic films and trying to make sense of the world

BY Zoe Pilger AND Laure Prouvost |

Slippages and the peculiarities of language; its problems and potential

BY Nick Aikens |

Flat Time House, London, UK

BY Colin Perry |