Laure Prouvost

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Considering this year’s title, ‘Foreigners Everywhere', we look back at how artists have addressed entrenched ideas of nationhood with bold, and at times comical, interventions

BY Ivana Cholakova AND Angel Lambo |

‘You are deeper than what you think’ is the French artist’s first UK public art commission

BY Kadish Morris |

The artist takes us on a tour of her pavilion

From demanding choreographies to ‘the sea of our subconscious’, further highlights from the National Pavilions in the Giardini

BY Amy Sherlock |

With ‘Goethe in the Skyways’, a year of exhibitions in an unusual slice of urban architecture in the US Midwest

BY Kimberly Bradley |

An opera singer performs fragments of conversations overheard at the fair

From roaming security guards and gossiping opera singers to self-help phone lines and data-driven dance

In further news: white supremacist vandals attack Rothko Chapel; Israeli minister bans art produced in solidarity with Palestinian victims

Experts share their highlights of the art avaiable via Allied Editions at Frieze London 2017, starting at £85

Kunstmuseum Luzern, Switzerland

BY Moritz Scheper |

A new one-night-only contemporary arts festival in London

BY Matthew McLean |

A round-up of the best current shows in the city

BY Summer Guthery |

Recent video works by Annika Larsson, Laure Prouvost and Steve Reinke address the visceral power of the digital image

BY Elvia Wilk |

Tanya Bonakdar, New York, USA

BY Becca Rothfeld |

Laure Prouvost talks about translation, tea, fictitious grandparents, erotic films and trying to make sense of the world

BY Zoe Pilger AND Laure Prouvost |

Slippages and the peculiarities of language; its problems and potential

BY Nick Aikens |

Flat Time House, London, UK

BY Colin Perry |