Elvia Wilk

Elvia Wilk is the author of Oval (2019) and Death by Landscape, a collection of essays forthcoming this July from Soft Skull Press.

Elvia Wilk on the artist’s understated and poignant series ‘Children’s Games’ (1999-ongoing)

BY Elvia Wilk | 30 MAR 22

The artist's augmented-reality works are freeing public sculpture from the ‘ideology of control’

BY Elvia Wilk | 15 SEP 20

Describe a global crisis in 600 words? Too hard. But isn’t everything else irrelevant right now?

BY Elvia Wilk | 28 MAY 20

‘I first encountered Lialina’s piece in college and, as the years go by, I continue to return to and obsess over it.’

BY Elvia Wilk | 08 JAN 19

When dealing with abuse in the art industry, is it possible to separate the noun ‘work’ from the verb?

BY Elvia Wilk | 23 MAR 18

Following the Not Surprised letter it’s time to uncouple power from abuse in the art world

BY Elvia Wilk | 03 NOV 17

What live-action role play can teach us about artistic participation 

BY Elvia Wilk | 15 OCT 17

A report from Europe’s longest-running design biennial, this year focusing on what it means to be ‘critical’

BY Elvia Wilk | 19 JUN 17

Two Baltic cities with compact, open-minded and active art scenes

BY Elvia Wilk | 23 MAY 17

Dan Gunn, Berlin, Germany

BY Elvia Wilk | 14 NOV 16

A report from the Cycle Festival for Music and Art in Kópavogur, Iceland

BY Elvia Wilk | 09 NOV 16

Recent video works by Annika Larsson, Laure Prouvost and Steve Reinke address the visceral power of the digital image

BY Elvia Wilk | 11 MAR 16

Museu do Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal

BY Elvia Wilk | 19 AUG 15

Alicja Kwade’s drama of elemental forces

BY Elvia Wilk | 13 AUG 15

TBA21 Vienna

BY Elvia Wilk | 02 APR 15

The prescient experiments and interventions of Viennese architectural group Haus-Rucker-Co

BY Elvia Wilk | 19 FEB 15

Time for our annual end of year highlights. Chosen by our regular writers, contributing editors and ourselves, the best and the memorable of 2014 in art and culture. First up, regular writer Elvia Wilk.

BY Elvia Wilk | 16 DEC 14

Tobias Madison talks to Elvia Wilk about the liberating effects of alienation, running an education department for MoMA PS1, New York this summer and why art should be a hobby

BY Elvia Wilk | 28 MAY 14

Art: The Whole Earth at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, curated by Diedrich Diederichsen and Anselm Franke. Predictable but true.

BY Elvia Wilk | 11 DEC 13