BY Pavel Pyś in Frieze | 01 MAY 17

Looking Forward: Pavel Pyś

Leading curators select some stand-out presentations at Frieze New York 2017

BY Pavel Pyś in Frieze | 01 MAY 17

Anna Ostoya, A Kiss, 2016, oil on canvas, 61 x 76cm. Courtesy: the artist and Silberkuppe, Berlin

Fred Lonidier, N.A.F.T.A... #10 Don’t Cross (detail), 2000, pigment print, 34 x 45cm. Courtesy: the artist and Silberkuppe, Berlin

Michaela Eichwald, Untitled (Truppen Abziehen) (detail), 2014, oil and pencil on Pleather, 40 x 125cm. Courtesy: the artist and Silberkuppe, Berlin

Phel Steinmetz, Untitled (Three Rocks) (detail), c.1977, hinged and Mounted Silver Gelatin Prints, 35 x 22cm. Courtesy: the artist and Silberkuppe, Berlin

Margaret Harrison, High Speed Gas (detail), 1971, pencil and ink on paper, 32 x 24cm. Courtesy: the artist and Silberkuppe, Berlin

Adam Linder, Choreographic Service 4: Some Strands of Support, 2016–ongoing, performance documentation at Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin 2016. Courtesy: the artist and Silberkuppe, Berlin 

When visiting art fairs, I look forward to presentations that open inter-generational and interdisciplinary dialogues – which is just what Silberkuppe are offering at Frieze New York this year. On view will be works by Phel Steinmetz and Fred Lonidier, two under-appreciated pioneers of conceptual art in California, who since the early 1970s have continued to question how photography can act as a vehicle for sociological critique. This is counterbalanced by a display of strong female voices – Michaela Eichwald, Margaret Harrison, Anna Ostoya and Anne Speier. I am particularly drawn to the juxtaposition of Lonidier and Harrison, as their works take divergent approaches to a common concern for labor rights and political activism. Eichwald’s weird, gestural paintings – at once delicate and grossly scatalogical – should contrast nicely with the slick sheen of Tobias Kaspar’s new ‘Reflector’ series. To see furniture by Janette Laverrière scattered among the stand is an additional treat, and one day will see a performance by Adam Linder activating the space. Linder’s Some Cleaning (2013) is a “choreographic service”, presents the opportunity for a client to contract the artist to symbolically “clean” the gallery’s stand on an hourly basis. Imagine if that’s the piece Linder performs – the artist wiping clean a site of rapid commercial exchange!

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Pavel Pyś is Curator of Visual Arts at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA