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Looking Forward: Stuart Comer

Curators from influential institutions predict their Frieze London highlights

BY Stuart Comer in Frieze London & Frieze Masters , Frieze Week Magazine | 15 SEP 16

Lucy Dodd, 'Open Plan: Lucy Dodd', installation view at Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 2016. Courtesy: the artist and David Lewis, New York; photo: Bill Orcutt

The George & Dragon was London’s decadent, spiritual epicentre for many artists and members of the city’s creative community during the 13 years it enlivened the Hackney Road at a busy Shoreditch intersection (2002–15). Approaching painting as a space for action and transformation, Lucy Dodd (David Lewis, New York, H19) initiated a series of paintings on the well-trod floor of the George & Dragon in 2013, using frottage and her trademark use of organic materials like kombucha fermented tea, yerba-maté infusion and squid ink. Exploring both the fable of St George and the Dragon, and more personal mythologies attached to the history of the venue, and those who worked and drank there, Dodd’s work promises to capture and reclaim some of the vibrant, cosmopolitan magic that the old boozer generated, before a changing Europe and escalating gentrification put such things at risk.

Stuart Comer is The Lonti Ebers Chief Curator of Media and Performance at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA.