David Lewis

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At David Lewis, New York, a presentation of the artist’s recent paintings and drawings reveals his continued obsession with sexual imagery and socialist Cuba

BY Terence Trouillot |

At David Lewis, the artist repurposes ephemeral Americana to remark on the disintegration of 1960s countercultural dreams and ideals

BY Robert Fitterman |

The artist’s montages, at David Lewis, New York, are elegant but cryptic reflections on belonging and complicity

BY Mitch Speed |

The artist's materials include avocado extract, wild walnut, yew berries, nettles, hematite and tea at David Lewis, New York

BY Michael Wilson |

David Lewis, New York, USA

BY Debra Lennard |

Curators from influential institutions predict their Frieze London highlights

BY Stuart Comer |

David Lewis, New York, USA

BY Aaron Bogart |