BY Sarah Lucas in Interviews | 01 MAY 11
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Questionnaire: Sarah Lucas

Q. What was the first piece of art that really mattered to you? A. I'm not making art about art. I didn't buy a ticket.

BY Sarah Lucas in Interviews | 01 MAY 11

What images keep you company in the space where you work?

Domestic paraphernalia, plus things that find their way in from outside: bits of rock, branches, birds nests, cunted old buckets and so forth.

If you could live with only one piece of art what would it be? 

The world’s plenty. 

What is your favourite title of an art work?

I might be shy, but I’m still a pig (2000) [by Sarah Lucas].

What do you wish you knew?

Everything I don’t know, I suppose. Mathematics would be handy and several languages.

Sarah Lucas with dove, 2010. Photograph: Julian Simmons.

What should change?

Moneylenders, insurance brokers, everybody we pay for nothing. Christ was right.

What should stay the same?

Everything changes.

What could you imagine doing if you didn’t do what you do?

I can’t imagine it, but I’d like to compose music.

What music are you listening to?

The album Hergest Ridge (1974) by Mike Oldfield; Benjamin Britten and David Bowie.

What are you reading?

2666 (2004) by Roberto Bolaño.

What do you like the look of?

Julian Simmons.

Main image: Sarah Lucas, 'The Old In Out', 1998, installation view. Courtesy: © Sarah Lucas and Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels

Sarah Lucas is an artist. In 2015, she represented the UK at the 56th Venice Biennale, Italy. In 2021, she had solo shows at Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany, and Consortium Museum, Dijon, France. She lives in London, UK.