in Frieze | 23 SEP 16

Reading Room Frieze Masters 2016

Join publications and institutions for an exciting programme of daily events

in Frieze | 23 SEP 16

Debuting at Frieze Masters, the Reading Room brings together the world's best arts and culture publications offering single issues, special editions and subscriptions to visitors and a schedule of unique events hosted by Tate Etc, Art in America, Monocle, The National Gallery and more.

See schedule below:

Thursday 6th October

2.30pm - Tribal Art
Trends and particularities of the Tribal Art market

During the first decades of the twentieth century, the appreciation of African artefacts in the West shifted dramatically. From colonial trophies they became modernist icons worthy of aesthetic contemplation. In less than a century, some tribal art objects have become recognised as world class artworks and have been sold sometimes, for several millions. How is the tribal art market doing today? Why is it such a specific market? How and why is it still evolving? Elena Martinez-Jacquet, Chief Editor for Europe of Tribal Art magazine and Noëlle Ghilain, Marketing and Communications Manager will discuss these questions together with Lance Entwistle a major dealer in the Tribal Art field.

4.30pm Art in America 
Dr. David Anfam and Sir Norman Rosenthal in conversation

Clyfford Still, PH-950, 1950, oil on canvas, 233.7x177.8 cm. Courtesy the Clyfford Still Museum; photo: Clyfford Still Museum, Denver, CO © City and County of Denver

The starting point for this conversation is the exhibition Abstract Expressionism at the Royal Academy of Arts (September 24, 2016 – January 2, 2017), co-curated by Dr. David Anfam. The largest survey of its kind ever mounted in Europe, it is also the first since 1959. Among the issues that this raises for discussion is why there have been no similar exhibitions in 57 years; which artists stand at the forefront/margins of the movement; how should we regard the Abstract Expressionist canon; and whether the art is still relevant today. If the latter is so, then what exactly is the meaning and enduring importance of Abstract Expressionism?

6pm - Monocle 24 Radio
This year Monocle magazine's audio service, Monocle 24 will be broadcasting live from Frieze London where host, Robert Bound, will be joined by a lineup of critics, artists, advisors and dealers to report on all the fun of the fair. Join them live in the Reading Room or tune in at You can listen to all M24 programmes any time on their website and all good podcast platforms.

Friday 7th October

3.30pm - On The Rocks
Convergence and difference: A discussion on historic and modern jewellery

Jewellery biannual On The Rocks presents a discussion on historic and modern jewellery with Dr. Sandra Hindman of Les Enluminures gallery, and fine jeweller Marc Auclert. Dr. Hindman is an American academic and dealer in Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts and rings; Auclert is a Paris-based jewellery designer known for setting antiquities within modern designs. The talk will focus on jewellery’s common language across epochs and cultures; jewellery as artefact and as adornment; and the sourcing and re-setting of antiquities.

4.30pm - Apollo
Martin Gayford in conversation

Martin Gayford (art critic and author of acclaimed books on Lucian Freud, David Hockney, and Michelangelo) talks to Thomas Marks (editor, Apollo magazine) about the unique experience and insight he has gained through interviewing the world’s leading artists. This talk times with the publication of Martin's new book, co-authored with David Hockney, A History of Pictures: From the Cave to the Computer Screen

Saturday 8th October

2.30pm - Frieze Masters Magazine
Remembering Aby Warburg

The great art historian Aby Warburg was born 150 years ago. Spinning off from his article on Warburg, featured in the current issue of Frieze Masters Magazine, writer John-Paul Stonard will talk about the art historian’s extraordinary life and lasting influence on artists and art writers.
John-Paul Stonard is a writer based in London, UK. He edited and contributed to The Books that Shaped Art History (Thames & Hudson, 2013) and co-curated ‘Kenneth Clark: Looking for Civilisation’ at Tate Britain, London, UK, in 2014. He is currently writing a book about the story of art for Bloomsbury, UK.

3.30pm - GalleriesNow & The Gallery of Everything
Le Foyer de l'Art Brut: Jean Dubuffet and his search for artistic truth

GalleriesNow, together with art brut specialist James Brett from The Museum of Everything, discuss Jean Dubuffet’s radical Parisian salon and how it inspired the artist on a lifetime journey of discovery and was visited by many of the most well-known artists and writers of his generation, including Joan Miró, André Lhote, Tristan Tzara and André Breton. The Gallery of Everything’s historical interpretation aims to dispel the myths and misinterpretations surrounding Dubuffet and his art brut artists and to reinforce their influence and relevance today.

4.30pm - National Gallery
Scent Chamber
AVM Curiosities have produced a bespoke scent-chamber in response to The National Gallery’s Saint Francis Renounces His Earthly Father by Sassetta. Using porous lava rocks infused with scent, this 15th century painting has been paired with the aroma of frankincense and myrrh, for its religious connotations and link to Egypt where the resins are harvested, and where Saint Francis’s is believed to have traveled to in 1219.
Founded by food historian Tasha Marks, AVM Curiosities explores the relationship between art and the senses. By incorporating evocative fragrance into the museum context, scent becomes a powerful tool to enhance and deepen our engagement with artwork and artifacts.

Sunday 9th October

2.30pm - National Gallery
Scent Chamber

4.30pm - The Courtauld
Moving into Sculpture: Exploring Rodin through Movement and Dance
As Curator of Sculpture and Decorative Arts at The Courtauld Gallery, Dr Alexandra Gerstein has been leading on new research into Rodin's Dance Movements, a series of small-scale and private sculptures that Rodin was working on at the end of his life and which form the focus of The Courtauld Gallery's upcoming exhibition Rodin and Dance: The Essence of Movement. Dr. Gerstein will be in conversation with Ayse Tashkiran, Senior Lecturer in Movement Direction at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, to discuss their cross-disciplinary collaboration across visual art, movement and dance, using research-through-practice to uncover a greater understanding of Rodin's working methods and his passion for capturing new and modern forms of dance in the early 20th century.