BY Thomas Bayrle in One Takes | 09 APR 15
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Issue 19

Thomas Bayrle: ‘A Kind of South American Spider Bungee’

Choose a single object of special significance from your working or living environment

BY Thomas Bayrle in One Takes | 09 APR 15

courtesy: Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin

It hangs in the corner
between the window and the wall.
The weird black thing.

A kind of South American spider bungee
made from old car tyres cut into strips …
… with brutal hooks on the tips …
You could use it to tie a pile of clothes
to the roof of an old VW van …

Tomás Saraceno brought it to me
from Buenos Aires
when he made his first official appearance
at the Städelschule years ago.
It has never occurred to me to ‘use it.’
I only look at it
in order to concentrate.
Translated by Andrea Scrima

Thomas Bayrle is an artist based in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2018, he had a solo show at The New Museum, New York, USA.