in Frieze | 06 OCT 16

Welcome to Wonderland

Robots, isolation and table tennis: Claus Richter on the themes of his and Sibylle Berg's Frieze Project

in Frieze | 06 OCT 16

Every robot built by Boston Dynamics is totally spooky and totally fascinating. It’s easy to feel bad for ‘Atlas’ when the humans kick him, but at the time, he doesn’t have inbuilt artificial emotions, yet. Maybe then it will be good to be nice to him.

The robots in Bjork's ‘All is full of love’. What do they feel? (One of the best videos ever ever. Perfection.)

Gated communities are ten times more spooky than any robot, anyway; Wonderland Avenue is sort of a gated community in extremis. 

The humans living in Wonderland Avenue are very isolated. This sad document from the 1950s shows what isolation does to people.

There’s some table tennis playing going on at Wonderland Avenue, so we loved this robot.

And then we have this.

And this.

Which are both what's around us now. So I guess, Wonderland Avenue is not so far away from reality as it may at first seem…

Claus Richter & Sibylle Berg's Wonderland Avenue (2016), part of Frieze Projects, is performed daily at 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm at Frieze London.