Carmen Winant

Carmen Winant is an artist, writer, Roy Lichtenstein Endowed Chair of Studio Art at Ohio State University, USA, and a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow in photography.

This year saw the publication of a rich vein of books about motherhood and women’s work

BY Carmen Winant | 21 DEC 18

An exhibition at Osmos, New York, shows photographs by the musician documenting the beginnings of the feminist movement 

BY Carmen Winant | 01 NOV 18

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, USA

BY Carmen Winant | 22 APR 15

Carmen Winant is an artist and writer. She teaches at the University of Colorado. Her writing appears in Frieze, Art Papers and The Believer, among others. She is the co-editor of The Highlights Journal.

BY Carmen Winant | 20 DEC 13

Cultural anthropology via impersonation, pageantry and apprenticeship

BY Carmen Winant | 13 APR 13

The Los Angeles-based artist discusses his photographic process in which tableau and accident meet

BY Carmen Winant | 06 MAR 13

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Pomona College Museum of Art & Los Angeles County Museum of Art

BY Carmen Winant | 04 JAN 13