Caroline Roux

Caroline Roux has written about contemporary art, architecture and design for 20 years and contributes regularly to the Financial Times and The Economist.

In an increasingly globalized art market, London remains a unique destination and magnet for art collectors from around the world

BY Caroline Roux | 31 AUG 23

A jaunt through Louis Vuitton’s collection of Objets Nomades, on view in a special off-site exhibition during Frieze Los Angeles 

BY Caroline Roux | 13 FEB 20

Frieze Sculpture's summer opening marks a growing enthusiasm for open-air work. Caroline Roux investigates

BY Caroline Roux | 28 SEP 17

Fair exhibitors discuss exceptional pieces they will show at Frieze New York 2017

BY Caroline Roux | 21 APR 17

Caroline Roux talks to section curator Nicolas Trembley and gallerists about the decade the art world changed

BY Nicolas Trembley AND Caroline Roux | 29 AUG 16