Catherine Wood

Catherine Wood is Curator of Contemporary Art and Performance, Tate Modern and Tate Britain. She is co-curating, with Beatrix Ruf, ‘Theatre Pieces’ for the 3rd Tate Triennial and co-editing a book on spectator participation with Jessica Morgan and Anna Dezeuze for MIT Press.

More and more artists are re-enacting iconic performances. What does this mean for ‘art of the present tense’ and its relationship to the past?

BY Catherine Wood | 30 SEP 12

Cabinet / Between Bridges, London, UK

BY Catherine Wood | 07 JUN 06

Catherine Sullivan’s work skips between historical periods and locations, connecting Baroque ideas of ‘all the world as a stage’ with an individual’s subjectivity

BY Catherine Wood | 14 NOV 05

The artist's configuration of objects, models and screens criss-crosses pathways and reveals worlds within worlds

BY Catherine Wood | 07 JUN 04