Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton is the author of two books of poetry: God Was Right (2018) and The Awful Truth (2017).

The photographer recalls her experiences working undercover, and how they informed her art practice

BY Megan Plunkett AND Diana Hamilton | 11 MAY 22

At Lévy Gorvy, New York, the painter reinscribes the female gaze into art history

BY Diana Hamilton | 25 MAR 20

The artist’s show at Tramps, New York, asks if we’re too eager for young artists to self-destruct

BY Diana Hamilton | 23 JAN 20

Wolfson believes art has no relationship to ethics; after a decade of shock, it’s hard to take him seriously

BY Diana Hamilton | 06 DEC 19

In a new show, Sze pairs precision with nods to disassembly or messy composition

BY Diana Hamilton | 04 OCT 19

Artist Candice Lin connects the conditions of slave labour involved in building the drug trade’s infrastructure to the continued Orientalizing representations of the drugs themselves

BY Diana Hamilton | 23 AUG 19

Diana Hamilton reflects on the dual urges to be beautiful and well-reviewed – even when you want to reject both desires

BY Diana Hamilton | 06 AUG 19

In her solo show at Galerie Eva Presenhuber in New York, the artist’s precision leaves all possible disorder to signification

BY Diana Hamilton | 05 JUN 19

In her new memoir, the poet asks whether art has a purpose beyond representation

BY Diana Hamilton | 02 JUN 19

This opera wants to know whether memory is scientific or occult. It answers the question by rejecting it.

BY Diana Hamilton | 22 FEB 19

An exhibition at Essex Street, New York, shows how closely Hill’s literary and artistic work is linked to her critique of domesticity

BY Diana Hamilton | 29 OCT 18

At Karma, New York, the artist herself becomes ‘a reproductive medium’, revisiting natural subjects and bringing realism ever closer to abstraction

BY Diana Hamilton | 13 AUG 18

Comic book images of female vulnerability become symbols of liberated sexual energy at Anton Kern Gallery, New York

BY Diana Hamilton | 09 MAY 18