Helen Charman

Helen Charman is writing a PhD about maternity at the University of Cambridge. She teaches English Literature to undergraduates, creative writing at the Poetry School, and primary school literacy in Hackney. Her poetry can be found in Carcanet’s New Poetries VII and her pamphlet, Support, support, came out with Offord Road Books in 2018. Her critical writing can be found in The White Review, The Baffler, King's Review and the LRB blog.

At Dundee Contemporary Arts, the first UK institutional presentation of the film k.364 ruminates on ancestral trauma, travel and music

BY Helen Charman | 30 MAY 22

A characteristically understated exhibition at The Modern Institute uses light and domestic materials to allude to inimical forces at play in the home

BY Helen Charman | 06 DEC 21

Awarding the Nobel to a Milosevic apologist, splitting the Booker Prize, and the death of the Western canon’s most ardent defender: what is the political function of literary culture today?

BY Helen Charman | 08 NOV 19

The prolific Polish writer has a complicated relationship to nationality

BY Helen Charman | 16 OCT 19

The way in which we talk about these accolades tends to hyperbole; artworks are not created in a financial vacuum

BY Helen Charman | 24 JAN 19