Hili Perlson

Hili Perlson is a writer, art critic and fashion journalist based in Berlin.

From Su Yu Hsin's video installation to Thea Djordjadze's site-adaptive sculptures, Hili Perlson chooses the exhibitions not to miss

BY Hili Perlson | 15 SEP 21

In three video installations, the artist stages theatrical mise-en-scènes at Salzburger Kunstverein

BY Hili Perlson | 17 SEP 19

More than 80 works from four decades mine the tension between beauty and horror

BY Hili Perlson | 16 MAY 19

Your go-to guide to shows in the German capital, from Theaster Gates at Gropius Bau to Raphaela Vogel at BQ

BY Hili Perlson | 25 APR 19

Sound and light as means of order and control melt into signifiers of rebellion and counter-culture in Rodeh’s immersive installations

BY Hili Perlson | 28 FEB 19

From an artist collective’s grassroots initiatives in Indonesia to helming the renowned exhibition in Kassel

BY Hili Perlson | 25 FEB 19

2018 gave glimmers of hope for those hoping to defy tech giants – but now is the time to remain vigilant

BY Hili Perlson | 21 DEC 18

An exhibition at Le Stanze del Vetro, Venice, reveals the radicalism of Carlo Scarpa’s reinvention of a traditional craft

BY Hili Perlson | 01 OCT 18

Celebrating its 30th year, the international festival showcases the relationship between the city's art scene and its contemporary dance cousins

BY Hili Perlson | 28 AUG 18

At Berlin’s Zilberman Gallery, reflections on the power asserted by technological progress: can anyone make it stop?

BY Hili Perlson | 01 AUG 18

From a preview of Konrad Fischer’s new space, to Simon Fujiwara’s thought-provoking commentary on gender bias

BY Hili Perlson | 24 APR 18

Capitain Petzel Berlin

BY Hili Perlson | 20 FEB 15

In Germany, labels that specialize in ‘art vinyl’ abound

BY Hili Perlson | 19 FEB 15

Neue Nationalgalerie

BY Hili Perlson | 14 NOV 14

A profile of the Berlin-based Israeli architect Zvi Hecker

BY Hili Perlson | 17 SEP 14