Jill Glessing

Jill Glessing is a writer and lecturer in Art History at York University and Ryerson University, Ontario.

With Art Toronto opening on 25 October, don’t miss out on all that the city has to offer

BY Jill Glessing | 23 OCT 19

In Toronto’s CONTACT Festival, works by Moyra Davey, Beatrice Gibson, Carmen Winant and others layer personal histories with poetry, politics and mysticism

BY Jill Glessing | 30 MAY 19

 In her show at MOCA Toronto, the artist’s imaginative narratives unravel official histories of patriarchy and colonization

BY Jill Glessing | 26 MAR 19

Critiquing the dominance of the white imperial gaze at Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto

BY Jill Glessing | 13 MAR 18

Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, Canada

BY Jill Glessing | 02 MAY 17

Marcelle Alix, Paris, France

BY Jill Glessing | 15 SEP 14