Klaus Walter

Klaus Walter is a writer living in Frankfurt am Main. He works for various radio stations, including www.Byte.fm

Austrian band Ja, Panik’s utopian Esperanto

BY Klaus Walter | 24 FEB 14

Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Germany

BY Klaus Walter | 18 MAY 13

Klaus Walter stellt die neue Ausgabe von frieze d/e auf byte.fm vor.

BY Klaus Walter | 24 FEB 12

The return of a pioneer of German pop, and electronic music in general: Holger Hiller spoke with Klaus Walter about Albert Oehlen, Scooter and himself

BY Klaus Walter | 05 NOV 11

Three recently released mix albums and the purist’s fear of digital bastardization

BY Klaus Walter | 28 APR 11

From retro-futurism to the iPod generation, the best music of 2010

BY Anwyn Crawford AND Klaus Walter | 01 JAN 11

Vampire Weekend (XL Recordings, 2008)

BY Klaus Walter | 05 MAY 08

The sound of the suburbs

BY Klaus Walter | 05 MAY 02

Advances in music marketing

BY Klaus Walter | 06 JUN 01