Sierra Pettengill

Sierra Pettengill is a filmmaker and archivist based in New York.

Drawing on raw archival footage from 1930, Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa highlights the drama of dubious truths

BY Sierra Pettengill | 20 SEP 19

Varda (1928-2019) provided a blueprint for an experimental, politically-radical, idiosyncratically personal and wide-eyed humanist cinema

BY Sierra Pettengill | 02 APR 19

Monrovia, Indiana, a folksy, novelistic tale of white America, plays somewhere between documentary, cliché and ghost story

BY Sierra Pettengill | 07 NOV 18

This year’s edition of the acclaimed documentary film festival showcased an impressive combination of social realism and artistic manipulation

BY Sierra Pettengill | 07 APR 18

Filmmakers RaMell Ross and Khalik Allah elide the reductive narrative wholeness usually demanded of documentaries about black subjects

BY Sierra Pettengill | 22 MAR 18

A new documentary portrays the Italian village that has performed plays about itself every summer for 50 years 

BY Sierra Pettengill | 16 AUG 17

Claire Simon's new documentary exposes the workings of an elite film school 

BY Sierra Pettengill | 22 APR 17