Sophie Knezic

Sophie Knezic is a writer, artist and lecturer based in Melbourne.

An exhibition at Anna Schwartz Gallery of the late artist, curator and educator suggests that constructivist idioms still pulse with life  

BY Sophie Knezic | 16 OCT 20

Tender yet brutal, Deacon's work melds violence and merriment at the NGV, Melbourne

BY Sophie Knezic | 24 AUG 20

The artist’s cardboard interventions remind us that the modernist Heide Museum, Melbourne, was once a home – where people lived and touched

BY Sophie Knezic | 27 APR 20

The artist’s solo show of tapestries at Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne are invocations of an erstwhile era 

BY Sophie Knezic | 28 AUG 19

A group exhibition at ACCA, Melbourne, ‘pulls back the skin on suffering and selfhood’

BY Sophie Knezic | 17 JUL 19

The second iteration of this dynamic biennial is a mix of poignant reflection and feverish energy 

BY Sophie Knezic | 15 APR 19

With Art Week in town, a guide to the best exhibitions to see, from sonic surveillance to Ronnie van Hout’s showdown with himself

BY Sophie Knezic | 31 JUL 18

Various venues, Sydney, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 26 MAY 17

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 16 JAN 17

Blum & Poe, Tokyo, Japan

BY Sophie Knezic | 03 JAN 17

Our picks of the best recent and current shows in the Japanese capital

BY Sophie Knezic | 28 NOV 16

TarraWarra Museum, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 12 SEP 16

Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 01 JUL 16

Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 13 FEB 16

Sutton Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 21 OCT 15

Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 19 AUG 15

West Space, Melbourne, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 22 APR 15

Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 16 SEP 14