Tim Smith-Laing

Tim Smith-Laing is a writer and critic based in London, UK. He is writing a novel based on the life of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt and a biography of Lady Luck @TimSmith_Laing

The origins of Gustave Courbet’s ‘Origin of the World’

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 02 OCT 19

An exhibition at Munich’s Alte Pinakothek reappraises Caravaggio’s influence

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 31 MAY 19

A remarkable exhibition of tiny paintings at London’s National Portrait Gallery

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 29 MAR 19

A new show at London’s Royal Academy examines the pleasure and pain of the human form 

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 11 MAR 19

‘I took his reviews in the Independent to be the baseline; what all art criticism looked like’

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 05 FEB 19

An insight into royal aesthetics's double nature: Charles I’s tastes and habits emerge as never before at London’s Royal Academy

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 14 FEB 18

Korean Cultural Centre, London, and Spike Island, Bristol, UK

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 25 OCT 17

A brief history of the Venice Biennale

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 08 MAY 17

Tim Smith-Laing talks to Rasheed Araeen about six decades of art making, writing and publication

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 24 OCT 16

Curator and author Paul Williamson talks about his long and distinguished career at London's Victoria and Albert Museum

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 08 SEP 16

Annely Juda Fine Art & The Mayor Gallery, London

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 21 JUN 16