Explore the local street market scene

Street markets in Seoul are great places to experience the authentic modern Korean lifestyle, mingle with friendly locals, and browse through the vast range of foods. Each street market caters to those with specific shopping needs – this guide will help you find the best one to explore.


Street Markets Naver Map

Jung-gu & Jongno

Dongdaemun market

Dongdaemun Market(동대문시장)

One of Korea's largest wholesale and retail shopping districts packed with around 26 shopping malls and 30,000 specialty shops. Visitors can find everything from textiles, clothes, shoes and jewellery, to leather goods, toys and electronics.

12 Jong-ro 36-gil

Dongmyo Flea Market

Dongmyo Flea Market(동묘 벼룩시장)

One of the most popular flea markets in Seoul frequented by visitors of all ages who like to shop for vintage goods. Embodying the atmosphere of Seoul in the 1960s and 70s, this market houses everything from antiques and vintage accessories to old cameras and trendy vintage clothes.

102-8 Sungin-dong

Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Market(광장시장)

Dating back to 1905, Gwangjang Market is the first permanent street market in Korea. While it houses an extensive selection of textiles, it is mostly visited for its food market. The ground floor has hundred of food stalls and restaurants where visitors can enjoy authentic Korean dishes.

2-1 Yeji-dong

Myeongdong Street

Myeongdong Street (명동거리)

One of Soul's prime shopping districts with dozens of department stores, shopping malls and street side shops. Home to a variety of Korean skincare and cosmetics, clothes and accessories from local and international brands, as well as a selection of street food stalls that come alive at night.

Myeong-dong 2(i)-ga

Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market (남대문시장)

Founded in the early 1400s, Namdaemun Market is one of the busiest markets in Korea. Locals can be seen shopping for groceries, traditional medicine, household items and clothing during the day, and Namdaemun becomes a vibrant night market from 11pm until 4am every day.

21 Namdaemunsijjang 4-gil

Tongin Market

Tongin Market (통인시장)

Dates back to 1941 as a public market set up for Japanese residents during the Japanese occupation. Now, Tongin Market consists of around 75 stores that are mostly restaurants and grocery stores, with some selling clothing and shoes.

18 Jahamun-ro 15-gil

Other Regions

Gyeongdong Market

Gyeongdong Market (경동시장)

Street market that serces as a wholesale and retail market with a focus on herbal medicine. Gyeongdong Market is the largest herbal medicine market in Korea, with more than 1,000 shops and oriental herbal clinics in the area.

3 Gosanja-ro 36-gil

Noryangjin Fish Wholesale Market

Noryangjin Fish Wholesale Market (노량진수산물도매시장)

The best time to visit this market is around dawn when seafood auctions take place. Visitors can find around 800 vendors selling seafood fresh from the ocean at affordable prices. The upper levels have restaurants serving Korean and Japanese dishes.

13-6 Noryangjin-dong


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