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Ancient Egyptian art, Middle Kingdom, 2040-1786 B.C.
Provenance: Ex private collection Pierre Colliez (1901-1983) passed by descent to his sister in 1977 and later on given to his grandson Monsieur M. Colliez, sold by the latter to a friend Monsieur de Lormeau, Yvelines, France, thereafter on the UK art mar, Ancient Egyptian art, Middle Kingdom, 2040 - 1786 B.C.
Alternative Attribution
Polychrome Terracotta Fragment with sketches of Animals, Egyptian, New Kingdom, Provenance: Ex private collection, France, established in the 1970s-1980s, 1570-1085 BC
Alternative Attribution
Vase in the shape of a Nile fish, Egyptian, Predynastic Period, Naqada II, Provenance: Ex with Galerie Nefer, Zurich, Switzerland; thereafter collection Giancarlo Ligabue (1931-2015), Venice, acquired in July 1983, c. 3650-3200 BC