Issue 37
Nov - Dec 1997

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Kai Althoff

11 NOV 97

Carlo Mollino

BY Judith Clark | 11 NOV 97

Revisiting Tomorrow's World

11 NOV 97

Luxury, aspiration and that early 70s moment

BY Peter York, James Roberts | 11 NOV 97

Utopian Design

11 NOV 97

Siobhán Hapaska has a wild, slippery imagination; one that complicates time frames and disrupts similitude with the kind of ease....

11 NOV 97

Peter Schjeldahl explores how the post-metaphorical building is a step ahead of artistic movements

BY Peter Schjeldahl | 11 NOV 97

Catholic taste

11 NOV 97

Surfing for images of Mars

BY Laurie Palmer | 11 NOV 97

At some point in the last couple of decades, the album cover faded in significance. It is difficult to pinpoint the precise moment at which this happened, and hard to explain exactly why. It was possibly something to do with the arrival of Punk; it definitely happened before the appearance of the CD. Certainly as a vehicle for design, the CD cover just doesn’t work: it is not just the piddling scale with its visibly screened photographs and illegible five point type, but the fact that you are looking at the image through a millimetre-thick block of scratched, poorly-moulded plastic

01 NOV 97